This is the most modern, simple and effective system to apply the force of an electric motor to any winch.

This device utilizes an up-to-date electric motor capable of developing an incredible force while using a decidedly modest amount of electrical energy.

When applied to a module-40 HARKEN winch for example, the motor is capable of producing a traction force superior to 250 kg with an average absorption of only 25 Amperes. It can therefore be used tranquilly, without running the risk of straining the on-board battery.

The structure is completely water-resistant and easy to use. The construction principally uses carbon fiber and aluminium bonding, is extremely robust and requires no maintenance.

Merely attach the motor to the chosen winch, substituting the classic hand-crank. By simply pressing a button on the command ring, the winch rotates in either direction, saving you the effort.

  • Should you need to raise a mainsail or stow a jib
  • Should you need to raise a tender
  • Should you need to lift a man up the mast, or effect a salvage operation at sea
  • Should you need to kedge a boat
  • Should you, in any case, need to carry out a particularly difficult manoeuvre...

Magicwinch will always be available to solve the problem.

Power 12 V - 30 Amps.
Speed 80 rpm
Weight Kg 3,60
Dimensions ø 80 L 450 mm


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